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SmartRoom: FMT’s Innovative IoT Temperature Sensor
Are summer days, setting your room ablaze? Maybe winter chill is making your health go downhill? Well, there's no need to suffer through that anymore! The new SmartRoom device has a notification system and a temperature reader that helps to keep you regulated any time of year. FMT has adopted this technology for their conference room. Here's how it works: If at any time, guests in our meeting room are feeling too warm or chilly, they can open up our mobile application, choose a comfortable temperature and send a request to one of our admins to adjust the thermostat to their likings. The notification system also has a setting for you to pre-set what the temperature range in your room should be between at all times. If at any time the room gets too cold or too hot, a message will be sent out automatically to adjust the thermostat to bring the […]
How to Design a Scalable Chart of Accounts
One of the first tasks when implementing a new accounting software is designing a new chart of accounts (COA).  Some of you accounting professionals out there might see this as a great and exciting opportunity to revamp that messy, outdated and unstructured COA you are stuck with. However, to others, this could be a daunting task and you might not know where to begin. Regardless of which category you fall into, designing a COA is no small task. It requires a certain amount of forethought and a lot of effort to design and engineer a scalable COA. In this blog, I hope to give you some tips and advice that will help you get started. 1. Best Practices A best practices COA should use standard accounting principles and incorporate items specific to your business. The order of your accounts should align with your financial statements.  It should order by account type and […]
DocuSign – The Friction Buster 
At FMT we run our business on the platforms we sell. Before we consider adding a new tool to our sales repertoire, we implement it and learn the ins and outs as beta testers to ensure it provides value to our customers. When we implemented DocuSign, I had an inkling it would become an indispensable tool to those of us that sell for a living. Before DocuSign In the past, we would have to print contracts, hustle to the printer across the room, hunt down our CEO for a signature, hustle back to the scanner, scan the contract, rename the file, save it to the hard drive, launch outlook, and then finally email it to the customer. The customer was then required to print the contract, hunt down their Executive’s signature, re-scan the document, rename the file, save it to their hard drive, launch outlook, and email it back. Finally, […]
When Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Flow Join Forces
Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more… What if we told you that you could have the power to connect all your SharePoint lists and libraries to a host of other apps from Dynamics CRM and Yammer to Dropbox, Mail Chimp, and Twitter? Imagine creating an item in SharePoint whenever a new lead is added in Dynamics or automatically copying files from your Dropbox to a SharePoint document library. Now, what if we told you that you could do this in a matter of minutes and with zero lines of code? SharePoint helps organizations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers. You can connect to SharePoint Online or to an on-premises SharePoint 2013 or 2016 farm using the On-Premises Data Gateway to manage documents and list items. But wait, there’s more! Want to get notified when a new […]
Is Investing in New Software Really Worth the Cost?
Software is expensive, right? But, consider what it will cost your company for not having the proper software in place. IT MAY COST YOU LONG-TERM SUCCESS. Great organizations run smoothly and, in this day and age, software is a big piece of the puzzle. Your company’s organizational success, and more importantly its financial success, depends on having effective software solutions in place. BUT, WHO HAS THE MONEY TO SPEND ON NEW SOFTWARE? What Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, etc. has extra money set aside to purchase and implement a “costly” software solution? Every company probably has a list of more important things to fund. But, when taking a step back to evaluate overall productivity, investing in new software may actually belong at the very top of the list. WHEN IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO INVEST IN NEW SOFTWARE? Frustration is the key indicator. If you and/or your colleagues are frustrated […]
DocLink Takes Your Business Paperless Any Way and Anywhere
Do these situations sound familiar to you? Too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and/or no control over day-to-day processes and time? The concept of business productivity can become a reality by adopting a document management initiative and automating age-old paper practices. This video will educate you about integrated document management and the ROI of this automation tactic. Adopt Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution DocLink in any department, with any process, and anywhere to: Topics include: Scan and route documents Create alerts Customize forms Automate workflows Access files from any device
Why Document Management Matters: Three Ways Paper is Destroying Your Productivity
Paper is a giant, expensive wrecking ball destroying your ability to work effectively each and every day. Your approval processes are getting held up. You’re getting charged late fees or missing early pay discounts. And worst of all, you’re spending a ton of money on paper, storage space, filing supplies, and routing fees to fuel this system that just isn’t working. Let’s break it down and look at just three of the ways paper is hurting your efficiency and talk about how going paperless can help. The Filing Problem Many different kinds of documents are created or delivered to your organization. In each one’s lifecycle, it will be sorted, filed, pulled, copied, and re-filed many times. If you think about how many of your employees are involved in filing documents for any department in your organization and add up the time each one of them is spending, you’ll get a […]
Multi-Channel Management Best Practices - Item Management
If you are like most companies today, you are selling through multiple sales channels. Many companies are expanding their reach beyond traditional brick and mortar stores and increasing revenues through online stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. This strategy requires a good plan to manage items as the cost of inputting item information to your online sales channels and managing inventory can quickly negate your profits. To operate a multi-channel strategy that maximizes margins and provides a great shopping experience for buyers, follow these steps: 1. Designate an item master management system Don’t jump into eCommerce without understanding the different requirements for item information compared to your traditional brick and mortar store. Careful planning and organization is required to keep item information consistent between sales channels. The best way to organize item information is to create a single location for your item master data. An item master is the […]
Reduce the Costs of Sending out Information with DocLink and Microsoft Dynamics GP
Finding an alternative to sending paper documents in the mail or via a courier can mean significant cost savings. Imagine if all of the documents in your organization were stored in a secure, electronic library that could be accessed by all the different locations at the click of a button. Rather than shipping something to another office, you could just route it electronically. You could even have a set of rules to automatically route the proper documents to save additional time. As far as getting documents to vendors and customers, instead of mailing or shipping them, DocLink can deliver them through email, fax or FTP. You might be thinking, “There are still those customers or vendors who would prefer to stick with the paper document, and keeping track of who wants which documents sent in which way could be a pain.” But DocLink  has the capability to automate the whole […]
Three Steps to Paperless Efficiency with DocLink & Dynamics GP
Sometimes when we speak with customers about document management, we hear, “This solution would be so great … if only we had the budget for it.” There is a perception that in order to go paperless, you have to buy the whole expensive software package with all the bells and whistles. Many GP users don’t realize that they can purchase a scalable solution like DocLink to start small and grow at the company’s pace. For some companies, it’s easier to get approval on the investment if it comes in smaller pieces. Step One: Electronic Documents The easiest concept to explain, and perhaps the most important, is the idea of taking printed, physical documents and replacing them with electronic ones. To accomplish this, we simply need to capture an image of the document, either by scanning it or sending it to a virtual printer, then give that document meaning by adding […]
FMT Consultants, LLC to Host One Day Conference Focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Office 365, IT Services and 3rd Party Software Applications
Leading provider of technology solutions announces nVerge 2013; a one day conference focusing on business management solutions, collaboration software, Business Intelligence and IT services. nVerge 2013 takes place on May 16th in San Diego, CA San Diego, CA, April 3rd 2013 - FMT Consultants, a leading provider of enterprise level technology solutions, announces nVerge 2013 – an upcoming, one day technology conference in San Diego, CA. nVerge 2013 focuses on the latest trends and feature updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, 3rd party applications for the Microsoft Dynamics product line, hosting solutions and Managed IT Services. The one day conference consists of a combination of keynote and breakout sessions, an Office 365 learning lab, ongoing exhibition with IT service providers and independent software vendors for the Microsoft Dynamics product line, lunch, post conference cocktail reception and networking sessions. The […]
Why Choose Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V over VMware?
Have you been considering virtualization? Virtualization can reduce your operating cost by consolidating several servers onto a single physical server. A typical small configuration consists of 2-8 physical servers connected to a SAN (storage area network) for high-availability running between 20-100 virtual servers. That’s right; you could be running 100 virtual servers on only a handful of physical servers. Virtualization would also provide you with highly-available servers and applications. If one of your physical servers were to have a hardware failure, your virtual servers would migrate to one of your other physical servers automatically. In addition, your IT staff would have the flexibility to roll out new virtual servers within minutes instead of having to order new hardware every time a department requests a new application or service. Therefore, if you haven’t already jumped on the virtualization bandwagon, now might be the perfect time. The first step is deciding which […]
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