Customer Background

Vistage International provides professionally facilitated peer advisory groups that are organized according to individual needs and the size of the company. All professional meetings are facilitated by an executive coach, with the goal of helping to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on strategic planning and operation issues. Ultimately, Vistage members are helping each other grow and expand their businesses. Members have connections to resources such as an online best practices library, webinars, speakers, city and national conferences, and a network of 15,000 business leaders across the globe.

Challenge and Solution

The company’s members pay dues monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Data security and efficiency are top priority for the company and its clients.

Vistage wanted to find a credit card processing solution that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, eliminated manual entry, simplified bulk order management and streamlined reconciliation. To achieve this, they were introduced to the Nodus suite of products.

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