Customer Background

Ionis Pharmaceuticals is the leading company in antisense drug discovery and development, exploiting its novel drug discovery platform to generate a broad pipeline of first-in-class drugs. Antisense technology provides a direct route from genomics to drugs. Ionis discovers and conducts early development of new drugs and, at the key clinical value inflection points, outlicenses those drugs to leading pharmaceutical companies with late-stage development, commercialization, and marketing expertise, such as Biogen Idec, Genzyme, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, and Roche. As a result of Ionis’ unique strategy, it can keep its organization small and focused and successfully execute its business strategy using its inventive and focused research and development capabilities.


Ionis Pharmaceuticals used three separate reporting systems: Cognos from IBM (their primary reporting tool), FRx Reporter from Microsoft and an early version of Prophix’s software. The company’s financial experts recognized that Cognos lacked the flexibility to allow Ionis to react promptly to changes in their operations and accommodate those changes into their reports.


FMT Consultants had an ongoing consulting relationship with Isis Pharmaceuticals and recommended Prophix’s latest release as a unified solution that could meet Ionis’ reporting needs. FMT explained how they could support Prophix’s software, which is built on the Microsoft SQL Server stack. Whereas FRx posed difficulties for ongoing maintenance, Prophix’s software would allow Ionis to update all of their reports automatically and simplify their reporting process. Based on the advantages laid out before them, the executives at Ionis iPharmaceuticals resolved to make the change.

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