Build Bridges Between Your Systems!

Do you have trusted connections between your NetSuite, Salesforce or Microsoft systems throughout your supply chain? If not, you are missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your business, decrease costs, and improve value. Your disconnected systems increase expensive manual processes and limit access to timely, accurate and immediately useful information. Isolated information creates disconnected decision making.

How do you solve this challenge? Integrate your systems. Build the bridges!

Integrations improve productivity and efficiency when they join two places that complement each other data or process wise.  Integrations have a positive economic impact!

When bridging two systems together and integrating them, what is your keystone?

Merriam-Webster defines a keystone as ‘the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch that locks the other pieces in place’. What keystone should you have between your systems to support each platform? Key business processes like moving invoice information between the ERP and the CRM create a bridge between operations and sales. Keying into the warehouse activates additional insight into order fulfillment, capacity, and informs planning decisions. Common keystones between NetSuite, Salesforce and Microsoft include:

Salesforce / Microsoft:

  • Document Management and retention using Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.
  • SSO Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Azure AD: lighten up that password vault by enabling your users to be automatically and securely signed-in to Salesforce with their Azure AD accounts. See more about “The Gatekeeper” below.  Salesforce now enforces MFA – do it through Microsoft with SSO!
  • Salesforce + Power BI: visualize key metrics, such as your sales pipeline, best accounts, and KPI's. You can drill down into the report for more details on each aspect.
  • Salesforce + MS Teams: drive innovation and optimize collaboration on accounts, opportunities and projects by integrating Salesforce with MS Teams using Power Apps and Power Automate.

Salesforce / NetSuite:

  • Master Records: enter all your Customer, Contact, Inventory and Pricing data in one system and allow your integrated Salesforce + NetSuite solution to keep everything automatically synchronized.
  • Inventory Quantities: enable your Sale Reps look-up product availability and know more about their supply chain status prior to walking into that important client meeting.
  • Sales Transactions: keep your Sales, Operations and Finance teams on the same page with real-time integration of sales transactions such as customer quotes and orders.

Microsoft / NetSuite:

  • Power BI + NetSuite: publish key metrics including your top customers, top selling products by category or region, and current sales forecasts vs actuals vs prior year. Also supplement your monthly financials with visual reporting for revenue, COGS and gross margin by revenue channel or business unit.
  • MS Teams + SuitePeople: capture team member comments posted to the MS Teams Praise App and synchronize them with SuitePeople’s Performance Management features. Having that data in one place at review time, saves time!

Another immensely popular option for system integration is using Microsoft as the identity provider, (IdP). An identity provider takes care of creating and managing identity information while securely supplying authentication services to applications- essentially a gatekeeper! Gatekeepers protect against the bad guys trying to cross your bridges and get into your systems. A Microsoft IdP replaces native options for managing usernames and passwords for Salesforce, NetSuite, (and more).

But why use Microsoft as your gatekeeper?

  • Forrester named Microsoft Security a ‘Leader’ in seven Forrester Wave categories
  • Forrester conducted a study showing that customers who deploy Microsoft Azure AD benefit from 123% ROI
  • Gartner names Microsoft Azure Active Directory as a ‘Leader’ for the fourth year in a row
  • Enable single-sign-on (SSO) across applications! You do not have to remember separate usernames and passwords for individual systems.
  • You already use them! Examples include Microsoft Outlook, Teams or one of the many other services Microsoft makes available to companies around the globe!

Have one of these systems but don’t have the best gatekeeper in the market? Don’t let the bad guys get in and cause potentially irreversible damage to your company’s reputation or financial standing.

Think that you have Microsoft fully configured in your environment? Don’t be left wondering!

Have these systems but don’t have them integrated? You are missing out on the positive economic impact integrations can offer!

Don’t have one of these systems or have a competitor? Don’t be left behind.

Whatever your situation may be, FMT can assist. Not only do we implement NetSuite, Salesforce and Microsoft from the ground up, we integrate by building integrations and protect by using Microsoft as the gatekeeper.
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