How to Design a Scalable Chart of Accounts

Need to design a new chart of accounts and don’t know where to start?

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  1. Management-Reporter-Replace
    BI, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Management Reporter Replacement: Moving to Next-Gen Reporting

    Microsoft recently announced the end of future development for the Management Reporter tool in Dynamics GP. While you’ll still be able to use MR and receive basic support—it’s not recommended to stay with a solution that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. The good news is that you can switch to a…

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  2. What-is-BI

    [Video] What exactly is BI and Enterprise Reporting Budgeting?

    There has been a lot of noise around BI. The advent of PowerBI and Azure Machine Learning coupled with the latest news around Management Reporter and Forecaster have added complexity to the ecosystem. A complexity that stands in the way of you and the tools you need to grow your business.    The first half of…

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  3. suite building feature Netsuite

    New SuiteBuilder Features in NetSuite 2017.1 Release

    With the release of 2017.1, we can look forward to a host of new features to add to the existing NetSuite system we all know and love. While NetSuite will be buffing up across the board, this blog will focus on updates to SuiteBuilder, NetSuite’s built-in collection of tools allowing “point and click” customization of…

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  4. SAP-Customer-Experience
    SAP Business ByDesign, Uncategorized

    Enhance Your Customer Experience with SAP Business ByDesign

    Is your company dealing with legacy systems that are preventing growth for your e-commerce /distribution based company? If this is the case I’m sure you are dealing with the lack of data integration causing issues with inventory and procurement, poor reporting, inaccurate forecasting and worst of all, a dreadful customer experience. If any of these…

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  5. dynamics crm consultant
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Still on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 20something?

    If your organization is currently running an on-premise or hosted CRM deployment, it’s seriously time to start planning the move to Dynamics 365 on the Microsoft Cloud. Here are three reasons why the cloud version of CRM makes sense for you: You don’t want servers anymore If you’ve ever stood up an on-premise version of…

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  6. Credit-Memos-GP
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Say Goodbye to Applying Credit Memos at Month-End

    Applying credit memos or returns to sales invoices at month end can cause duplicate efforts.  If a user forgets to apply the credit memo, an invoice will populate on the aging report even though the true balance is $0.  In addition, applying credit memos or returns is an extra step that is sometimes unnecessary.   …

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  7. Deposit-Cash-Receipt-Automatically
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Deposit Cash Receipts Automatically with Dynamics GP 2016

    New to Dynamics GP 2016, users no longer need to create a deposit for the cash receipts entered in the sales module. Configuring this feature is quick and easy! To post cash receipts as deposits, navigate to Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Company.  Select Options and then mark the box next to “Automatically post…

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  8. SharePoint-IRM

    [Video] Protect Your Files with Information Rights Management on SharePoint

    Are your files being modified by unauthorized users? Do you have files that you want to share with your team, but not the rest of the company? Are you worried that unauthorized users may be accessing and modifying your content? No matter where your files are stored—SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premises, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, or…

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  9. GP-BI
    BI, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    [Video] Getting Started with Power BI and Dynamics GP

    Do you spend hours every week trying to analyze and create visual reports from your Microsoft Dynamics GP data only to do it again for next week’s meeting? If this sounds like your weekly routine, Power BI is going to be a life-changing tool for you. Microsoft’s Power BI solution allows you to put your…

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  10. SmartConnect Integration Tool Dynamics GP
    Development, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Why SmartConnect Is the Go-To Integration Tool for Dynamics GP

    SmartConnect is a very sophisticated tool for integrations. With its high level of versatility, it does a great job of automating your integration needs. It is definitely one of my tools of choice!   Data can be read from Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, OLEDB or ODBC, text files, Excel, XML and more.     You…

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  11. SAP-TLC-Hero
    SAP Business ByDesign

    [Video] Give Your SAP Solution a Little TLC

    When you have a busy schedule and not enough time in a day, it can be difficult to make sure your systems are up to date and being regularly maintained. But worry not! In this video, we will walk you through a typical SAP update and show you best practices on reviewing the new update…

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  12. Dynamics-GP-in-the-Cloud (1)
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that connects the many moving parts of a small to mid-sized organization. Originally developed by Great Plains Software, the Dynamics GP platform was created in Fargo, North Dakota in 1981, and acquired by Microsoft in 2000. Since then Microsoft has continually advanced the Dynamics GP…

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