Bill of Materials Mass Updates

Everyone strives to be more productive by creating more efficient processes within our confines. Microsoft Dynamics GP has many tools that can help us achieve that goal. The tool that we will be overviewing in this blog is the Bill of Materials Mass Update feature in Microsoft Great Plains (MSGP). We will start by simulating the change on a sub-assy for a pen from black ink to red ink.

You can find the BOM Mass Updates screen by going to Manufacturing >> Utilities >> BOM Mass Updates

  1. Select the Mass Update Function; for this example, we will select the Update or Replace Item function.
  2. Select the BOM's you would like to exclude. For our exercise, we will not exclude any BOM's.
  3. Enter the item number that will be replaced/updated.
  4. Enter the item number that will be replacing the item with.
  5. Enter the range for which we want GP to look for the item we are replacing. This can be accomplished by using the item number or description to establish the range.
  6. Press the Refresh button located on the upper left corner of the screen. This will initiate the search for all the BOM's in the established range that will be affected by the change.
  7. At this point, you can update the revision level for the BOM and the component quantity. It is recommended that the revision level is updated so that the history of the BOM is saved. This will allow for historical views of each revision kept in MSGP. For our example, we will change the revision level from 1 to 2 and keep the Comp. Qty at 1 since our purpose is to change the item number with the same qty as previously.
  8. In our example, there is only one item that is affected by this change. Select the BOM's that will be updated by clicking the Mark All box or individually selecting the items to be updated by clicking on the boxes next to each parent item. Since we updated the revision level for this parent item BOM, MSGP will prompt a notification stating that the revision level in non-existent. Press the Save Revision button.
  9. Press the BOM Mass Update Preview button. This will allow for printing of the report and therefore, review the report for accuracy prior to processing the updates.

  10. After validation of accuracy, press the Process button.
  11. This will prompt you to print the final report.
  12. As we can see by the screenshot below, the update was achieved as expected. The revision was updated keeping a historical record from the previous revision.

It is important to keep historical data for the bill of materials not only to comply with internal or external requirements, but it is simply good business practice.  Keeping the history will allow you to look back at previous revisions in case there is a need to edit, or undo changes to a BOM.

We will continue to post tips to help improve efficiency. Keep checking the FMT blog for updates.

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