Azure AD Connect – Take Action!

What is it?

Azure AD Connect is a Microsoft identity tool used by organizations with on-premise Active Directory infrastructure and Microsoft 365 environments. It makes sure that identity data such as passwords and user accounts are in sync – which generally improves your productivity all around! Your organization may be using this in a situation commonly referred to as a ‘hybrid model.'

If you are in a hybrid model and have Azure AD Connect installed as an in-between, this software is critical to keep both on-premise and Microsoft 365 linked together . . . oftentimes going unnoticed until something goes wrong and suddenly your password for Outlook is no longer accepted by your laptop to sign-in or you keep having to remember two separate passwords for what is supposed to be one unified ecosystem. What a pain . . . has this happened to you?

What do you have to do?

Your IT department may have set this software to ‘auto-update’ or may not keep a close eye on this tool until a challenge happens. Be aware: as with most Microsoft software, it is regularly updated with new features and functionality. While many version releases will install by themselves (if auto-update is enabled as part of the version release), some – no matter how your IT department has the tool configured – require manual intervention to update. Note that Microsoft implemented a deprecation strategy for versions of this tool more than 18 months old, meaning your environment could be at risk to lose this critical functionality if left unchecked. These factors coupled with the importance of this tool for hybrid environments mean that you should check the status of your Azure AD Connect in your Microsoft Admin portal.

How do you do it?

Login to your Microsoft 365 admin center by browsing to > ‘Show All’ > ‘Health’ > ‘Directory Sync Status’:

Azure AD Connect

Microsoft’s latest release is . . . what version are you running?

If you are showing a version in the 1.3.x range, you are at risk of running deprecated software and could face security challenges or a loss of connectivity between your on-premise and cloud environments.  This certainly leads to a loss of productivity.

FMT is here for you!

Do you need assistance with upgrading this tool? Perhaps you have on-premise Microsoft products and Microsoft 365 but the two don’t talk together? Do you see other error messages on this screen or can’t access the screen altogether? Whatever your situation is, we can help! Let us know how.

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