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How to Deal with eConnect Exceptions for Bank Transactions Integration in Dynamics GP
In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to deal with eConnect primary key exceptions. Let’s say there is a company called Fabrikam Inc. and they provided the data for Dynamics GP. We are going to leverage eConnect to integrate Bank Transactions into Dynamics GP. The eConnect Primary Key Exception When I try to integrate Bank Transactions into Dynamics GP, the eConnect throws an exception and the following message shows up "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKCM20100'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.CM20100'." This Primary Key error is thrown by the SQL Server whenever I tried to insert duplicate key values into the table. The primary key for the table dbo.CM20100 is a combination of two fields CMDNUMWK and VOIDED. Take a look at the screenshot below to view the schema of dbo.CM20100 table and highlighted the primary key. The Data Issue I analyzed the eConnect business […]
Creating Extender Records automatically using Extender Actions
We all know how to create an Extender window and track additional information. Recently there was a customer request to track the Revision Level whenever an item is purchased. In order to track the Revision Level, an Extender window has been created and linked with the Purchase Order Detail Entry window as shown below. During the Item purchase, the Revision Level can be tracked by entering data into this Extender Window. So far good. However, the customer requirement has a twist. The Revision Level for the purchased Item has to be automatically created once the Purchase Order line is saved by retrieving the value from Item Engineering Data window. Out of the box, Extender will not do this. However, it is possible by creating actions using Extender Actions. Extender Actions allow a window or form to perform specific actions based on user input. (Note: - Extender Actions are only available […]
How to resolve eConnect API Timeout Errors
When creating an integration to Dynamics GP, you might encounter errors returned at some point in the process such as eConnect API Timeout Errors. Finding a solution can be overwhelming and time-consuming. So in this blog post, we will go over how we resolved them. Recently there was a requirement from one of our client to develop an integration to integrate Sales Orders into Dynamics GP. For the requirement, a .NET AddIn leveraging eConnect was developed. The .Net AddIn uses the eConnect serialization classes to construct an eConnect XML document and then uses eConnectMethods class to create the transaction into Dynamics GP. All was good until we faced an eConnect exception. The exception thrown by eConnect was “There was an error writing to the pipe: The pipe is being closed.”  The exception is due to the eConnect call getting timeout. In order to resolve the above issue, we need to […]
How to Expose a Custom Stored Procedure Within a Scribe Step
In this blog, we will discuss how a Stored Procedure can be exposed and called within a Scribe step from the Scribe Workbench. As a first step, we need to add a record into the table [dbo].[KSYNCTABLESBASE] in the database where the stored procedure that needs to be invoked exists. Once the record is added, it will show up under the Stored Procedures in the All Data Objects section as shown below. The below script exposes the stored procedure 'sp_fmtUpdateWireIntgStatus' by inserting a record into the [dbo].[KSYNCTABLESBASE] table. Note: - If the SQL objects for Scribe doesn’t exist in the database, it can be created by running the “ScribeMetaData.sql” script available in the Scribe installation folder. As a next step, we will discuss how parameter values can be passed from the Scribe Workbench. In order to expose the parameters for the Stored Procedure, we need to add one record per […]
How to Customize Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow Emails
In this blog post I will demonstrate how to add additional fields and customize email messages generated by the workflow engine in Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0. Specifically, I’ll cover how to add the ‘Comment Text’ field for each Purchase Order line to the workflow emails generated for Purchase Order approvals. Important: please make sure to back up the Dynamics GP Company and System databases before making any changes. Out of the box, the ‘Comment Text’ field is not available in the ‘Available Fields’ list shown under the ‘Document Lines’ tab in the ‘Message Setup’ window (Tools -> Setup -> Company -> Workflow -> E-mail Message Setup). In order to add the ‘Comment Text’ field to the email message we need to 1) enable the field in the ‘Available Fields’ list in the ‘Message Setup’ window, and 2) modify the workflow process that generates the email message. The ‘Message Setup’ […]
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