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Finding the right columns for your everyday Smartlists in Dynamics GP
We all know how powerful Dynamics GP Smartlists are, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right columns/fields to build them out with additional information that we need. One that comes up quite a bit, is the Batch ID associated with posted account transactions. When you add the Batch Number column to the Account Transaction smartlist under the Financial folder, it comes up blank for posted journal entries. Luckily, this is a simple column add once you know the name of the column you need. Open up the Account Transactions default Smartlist (Smartlist > Financial > Account Transactions > *).   In my Account Transactions Smartlist below, I have added Batch Number and Document Status columns. Notice that the Batch Number column is blank for all Open transactions (see Document Status).     Click on Columns then Add. Search for Originating Source in the column list. Highlight that column, […]
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