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Task Automation – Microsoft Flow and Smartsheet
Task Automation is today’s need, to save an Organization’s precious time and resources. Task Automation allows the use of various systems and technologies to reduce the amount of human intervention to complete a task or a process. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create and automate tasks and workflows across applications and services. Automation happens behind the scenes and thus requires minimum or none interaction from users. These automated tasks and workflows are called “Flows”. Microsoft Flow, like other Automation Services, do one most of the simplest thing: they create cause and effect links between various services and applications we use. IFTTT (If This Then That) is one example of such Task Automation service available today. Flow’s strength is its integration capabilities with Microsoft Apps and Services, like Office 365, SharePoint Server and Dynamics 365. Currently, Microsoft Flow offers 131 Services and Apps, which we can […]
Calculating Dynamics CRM Rollup Fields On Demand
Rollup fields are a great addition to Dynamics CRM. Rollup fields are calculated by Asynchronous System Jobs which runs in background. By default, Mass Calculate Rollup Field job runs every 12 hours after a Rollup field is created or updated. This delay is needed to assure that Mass Calculate Rollup Field job runs during the non-operational hours of an organization. But in some business scenarios, users need this calculation in real-time and on demand. Dynamics CRM has an option available, called Online Recalculation. If a user hovers over the rollup field on the form, one can see the last time this field was updated, plus a Refresh icon to recalculate a rollup field. The following figure shows Online Recalculation: Limitations with Online Recalculation The Online Recalculation option is only available in Online Mode. You can’t use it while working offline. The Maximum Hierarchy Depth is limited to 10 for the source record. This […]
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