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Setting Up Follow-Up E-Mails in Dynamics CRM
In this post I will describe a solution to add Microsoft Office Outlook style functionality to follow-up e-mails. In Microsoft Office Outlook, you can mark an e-mail as read/un-read, and you can also mark the e-mail for follow-up with various scheduling options (today, tomorrow, next week, custom date) and finally mark complete. We’ll see how we can make customization and add similar functionality in CRM as well. The idea behind the solution is to track the activity action history, i.e. we want to keep track of when an action was performed. Whether it was opened, marked read/un-read or marked for follow-up or completed. Let’s start by creating a new entity “Activity Action History” in Dynamics CRM with the following attributes.   Next we’ll customize the form ribbon on the e-mail entity. We’ll add 4 ribbon buttons as shown below.   We will add commands for each ribbon button and add […]
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Office 365 Authentication Deep Dive
In this blog post I will discuss the authentication mechanism and behind the scene communication that happen for CRM 2011 Online Office 365 provisioned organizations using ADFS. The default CRM 2011 Online Office 365 provisioned organization uses “Authentication Platform” that provides identity storage (Microsoft Online IDs) and authentication. The directory store holds the users’ credentials. CRM 2011 Online and other cloud based offering from Microsoft rely and trust on authentication platform for validating that the user is authenticated. You need a valid authentication token to access these services. When you log in to a CRM 2011 Online Office 365 provisioned organization, it first goes to the CRM Online which redirects it to the login page because the user is not authenticated. The user provides the credentials and is authenticated by the authentication platform. It provides the user with a token which is used by CRM Online to validate that the […]
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