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SmartRoom: FMT’s Innovative IoT Temperature Sensor
Are summer days, setting your room ablaze? Maybe winter chill is making your health go downhill? Well, there's no need to suffer through that anymore! The new SmartRoom device has a notification system and a temperature reader that helps to keep you regulated any time of year. FMT has adopted this technology for their conference room. Here's how it works: If at any time, guests in our meeting room are feeling too warm or chilly, they can open up our mobile application, choose a comfortable temperature and send a request to one of our admins to adjust the thermostat to their likings. The notification system also has a setting for you to pre-set what the temperature range in your room should be between at all times. If at any time the room gets too cold or too hot, a message will be sent out automatically to adjust the thermostat to bring the […]
How to Connect your Java Application to CRM: A Simple Java Console Application
Have you ever tried to connect to CRM Online using a Java Application? Turns out it’s much simpler than you would expect. By leveraging the Azure Active Directory Library, you can easily authenticate any user for your external application to perform any CRM Operation through the Web API. Here are the required components: CRM Online (Trial will still work) Azure Active Directory OAUTH 2.0 Authorization Endpoint Application ID A Java IDE (Maven project is recommended for the dependencies) Here’s a quick summary of how this actually works: Obtain the access token, by using the OAUTH 2.0 Authorization Endpoint. Build the connection with your Dynamics CRM URI, and set the request method and properties with the access token. Finally, depending on the Request type, you build the JSON Object and write it to CRM or save it to view. Let’s dig deeper and get into the details: First, you need the […]
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