Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online

Did you know Office 365’s tools can make your PMO run more efficiently?

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  1. NetSuite

    NetSuite Commissions and Outsourced Payroll in 3 Easy Steps

    The sales commission functionality, part of the Incentive Compensation module in NetSuite, is robust with a solid feature set that supports varied compensation requirements. It allows you to easily pay commissions through the NetSuite payroll module or through standard Accounts Payable process (Vendor Bills). But what if you outsource your payroll processing to ADP, PayChex,…

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  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Changing the Customer on an Invoice without Losing Audit Trail in Microsoft Dynamics GP

    A common question that has come up recently is ‘How do I change the customer on an invoice?’ Well, in short, it’s not possible without significant unsupported updates to SQL data which compromises the audit trail that is part of a GAAP compliant accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. The good news is that…

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  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Implementing Multiple EFT File Formats for a Single Checkbook in Microsoft Dynamics GP

    ACH (EFT) file format configuration within Microsoft Dynamics GP is a relatively straightforward process. However, what do you do when your bank requires you to use one particular format for Consumer transactions and another for Business transactions? For example, your bank’s requirements could be that you must use a PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit) format…

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  4. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Security Considerations for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SQL Reporting Service Reports

    While most Microsoft Dynamics GP system administrators are accustomed to securing access to the ERP system data using both built in and custom security roles and tasks, a completely different security model must be employed when using the SQL Reporting Services Reports. Access to reports within SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) is controlled using Active Directory…

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