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How to Use Statistical Accounts for Expense Allocations in NetSuite ERP
This article discusses the use of statistical accounts to perform expense allocations in NetSuite ERP. Statistical accounts are non-monetary accounts that can be used to maintain statistical information for a variety of metrics. For example, a statistical account could be established to maintain the employee headcount by the department in an organization. This statistical account could then be used to allocate the total amount of expenses in a general ledger account for a given time period amongst various departments, for example, allocating rent expense amongst the departments by head count.  The statistical accounts functionality is included with the NetSuite Advanced Financials module. Below we will discuss the following: Enabling features for statistical accounts Creating statistical accounts Viewing statistical accounts Creating statistical journal entries to establish the balances in the statistical accounts Performing expense allocations using statistical accounts Enabling Features for Statistical Accounts You must enable statistical accounts in the enabled […]
How to Publish Dashboards in NetSuite
Dashboards provide NetSuite users with access to real-time data in a centralized location.  Customized dashboards can be developed for specific roles within the company and published to employees who have access to that specific role. In our previous post, we took a detailed look at Creating Personalized Dashboards in NetSuite. Once your customized dashboards have been created, you can determine who has access to it. It is helpful for the various roles in an organization to have similar dashboards published so that users within that role have easy real-time access to the same data.  This will enhance the standardization of reporting throughout the organization. Who Can Publish a Dashboard? Administrators (Administrator, Marketing Administrators, Sales Administrators, etc.) or roles with the publish dashboard permission (set up subtab of role permissions) can publish the dashboards to specific roles. Publishing ability to various roles is based on the role center, such as accounting […]
Creating Personalized Dashboards in NetSuite
Dashboards provide NetSuite users with easy and efficient real-time data in a centralized location. Custom dashboards can be developed for specific roles within the company and published to employees who have access to that specific role, therefore standardizing reporting throughout the organization. Once the custom dashboards have been published to the roles and the associated employee, the employee then has the ability to rearrange the layout of the dashboard and add/remove information displayed on the dashboard. Please note, permissions to edit or adjust the published dashboard can be limited to managers if desired. What’s in a Dashboard? When users log in and select the role they would like to work in, they are directed to the home dashboard page (image below). Dashboards are located on each of the header tabs within NetSuite. The dashboard page is comprised of what are known as “portlets”. You can see in the image above […]
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