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Reconciling Inventory to the GL in Dynamics GP
There are multiple ways to reconcile sub-ledgers to the GL in Dynamics GP, the Reconcile to GL routine being one of my favorite, but there can be times when you’re still stumped wondering what happened? I had a client recently face this situation. They ticked and tied every transaction to the GL, but their Inventory still did not balance to the GL. In the end, it all came down to a sales return transaction. The quantity being returned went into the Returned bucket instead of On Hand. When the inventory is put into the Returned quantity field, it changes the distributions for the transaction and puts the distribution type as “RETURNS” instead of “INV” if it were put back in inventory. If you’re using the Inventory Historical Stock Status report in an attempt to reconcile, the quantity returned will not hit this report. To fix it, an inventory transfer needs […]
How to Setup Field Level Security to Access the Vendor EFT Window
Have you ever needed to tighten security within GP so your end users cannot access your vendor’s EFT bank information?  No need for a fancy customization!  It’s all available to you within GP with Field Level Security.  In just a few steps, you can setup security to the EFT Bank button on the Vendor Address Maintenance window so when a user clicks on the button they will be prompted with a pop-up window to enter a password.    The user will not be able to proceed to the vendor’s EFT Bank information until they enter the correct password:   Here are the steps for setting this functionality up:   Navigate to Administration > Setup > System > Field Level Security Click on Add Enter a Field Security ID and Description. The Product information will be blank when you initially set up this window. Click on the lookup next to Product […]
Mekorma Update Procedures
On behalf of Mekorma: Mekorma has found that the latest Microsoft Windows .Net 4.7 Framework Update is causing an issue with the Mekorma MICR Software functionality. Even if you are not currently experiencing these issues, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your software now to avoid the issue before it occurs. The two common behaviors you may encounter exhibiting this problem include: Security warning stating users are not authorized to print out of checkbooks. Warning: Unhandled object exception: The parameter is incorrect. Note: Not all Windows programs lists that have these KB's installed name the .Net 4.7 Framework. Regardless, if any of the following KB's are installed, the guidelines below for upgrading due to .Net 4.7 incompatibility would still apply: KB3186497 KB3186505 KB3186539 KB3186568 The current builds on Mekorma’s website resolve these issues and support Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.7. Please go to the download page and install the build of Mekorma that […]
Best Practices for Handling Purchase Orders Closed by Mistake in Dynamics GP
Why can’t I match my receipt to the invoice in Purchasing? When I get asked this question, the first place I tell the user to check is the Edit Purchase Orders window under Purchasing | Transactions | Edit Purchase Orders.  What does the Purchase Order Status field say?  99% of the time it will have a ‘Closed’ status.  You cannot match an invoice to a closed Purchase Order in GP.  You’ll need to check with your team to determine why the PO was closed in the first place. Can the Purchase Order be Reopened?    Now, is there a way to fix it or simply reopen the Purchase Order?  There are a few ways to handle this situation, but the simple answer is no.  The Purchase Order cannot be reopened within GP from an end-user standpoint.   Here are three options to choose from to resolve this issue: Enter the […]
PTE Timesheets Automatically Rejected in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Recently, I had a customer state that they opened a new fiscal year and were having a problem with PTE timesheets automatically getting rejected.  We were able to narrow it down to just new projects created in the new fiscal year that were experiencing the problem.  PTE timesheets for projects in the previous fiscal year would get approved successfully.  I ended up opening a ticket with Microsoft and here are the steps we went over: Project >> Transactions >> Time and Expense >> Timesheet Entry   The employee completed their timesheet for the week and clicked Submit as normal. Project >> Navigation List >> PTE Timesheets > Not Submitted The approver could open up the transaction and attempt to approve it, however, it would automatically have a “Rejected” status.   Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow >> Workflow Maintenance We reviewed the workflow setup for project timesheets and confirmed […]
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