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  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP, News

    Mekorma Update Procedures

    On behalf of Mekorma: Mekorma has found that the latest Microsoft Windows .Net 4.7 Framework Update is causing an issue with the Mekorma MICR Software functionality. Even if you are not currently experiencing these issues, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your software now to avoid the issue before it occurs. The two common behaviors you may encounter…

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  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Best Practices for Handling Purchase Orders Closed by Mistake in Dynamics GP

    Why can’t I match my receipt to the invoice in Purchasing? When I get asked this question, the first place I tell the user to check is the Edit Purchase Orders window under Purchasing | Transactions | Edit Purchase Orders.  What does the Purchase Order Status field say?  99% of the time it will have…

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  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    PTE Timesheets Automatically Rejected in Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Recently, I had a customer state that they opened a new fiscal year and were having a problem with PTE timesheets automatically getting rejected.  We were able to narrow it down to just new projects created in the new fiscal year that were experiencing the problem.  PTE timesheets for projects in the previous fiscal year…

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