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Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online

Did you know Office 365’s tools can make your PMO run more efficiently?

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  1. NetSuite

    SuiteWorld 2017: What’s Suite in Vegas?

    SuiteWorld 2017 experience as told by our very own NetSuite consultant, Ilija Budimir. Wow, this year SuiteWorld (SW) was amazing! Not so much because it was packed with new faces and not because Oracle’s CEO was announcing big, bold plans, but because it took place in Sin City! SW felt bigger and more glamorous than…

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  2. Serialized Number Tracking, NetSuite, Serial Numbers, Warranty, Customizations, Custom Solution, Tracking, Development, Scripting
    Development, NetSuite

    FMT’s Custom NetSuite Solutions: Serialized Number Tracking

    Over the years FMT’s NetSuite team has produced a number of innovative solutions that can be characterized as a combination of configuration, custom scripting, and custom workflow development. Most of the time, these customizations are driven by real and unique customer needs that cannot be satisfied by NetSuite’s out-of-the-box functionality. The Need Recently, we were…

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  3. NetSuite

    3 NetSuite Reporting Features You Can’t Live Without

    In this blog we’ll explore three key reporting features in NetSuite that will help you get complete visibility into your organizational data and performance. The three reporting features are: Financial Segmentation Slicing and Dicing of Financial Reports Financial Report Customization 1. Segmentation What are Financial Segments? The Financial Segments are divisions or subsets of business operations….

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  4. NetSuite

    How to Create Custom Records in NetSuite – Step by Step Instructions: Part II

    Overview In the first part of this blog we demonstrated how to create and setup custom records in NetSuite. In this second part you will learn how to manipulate custom records and use them in the context of transactions. See part 1 of the blog series here: How to Create Custom Records in NetSuite – Step…

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  5. NetSuite

    How to Create Custom Records in NetSuite – Step by Step Instructions: Part I

    This is part 1 in a blog series of 2. See part 2 here: How to Create Custom Records in NetSuite – Step by Step Instructions: Part II Overview In NetSuite, Custom Records are essentially everything and anything. My bet is that whenever you need a process or a functionality that is not available in NetSuite…

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  6. NetSuite

    E-Signatures with EchoSign and NetSuite

    Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier and more efficient way to obtain signatures on contracts or other important documents? Well, your wondering time is over. EchoSign for NetSuite automates your documents approval processes and eliminates the hassle of tedious and paper based approval processes. What is EchoSign: EchoSign is a complete, automated electronic…

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  7. NetSuite

    Creating Google Map Custom Portlets in NetSuite – a How-to Guide

    I am sure everybody appreciates NetSuite’s Dashboards and its flexibility in relation to custom reports and other business-related key performance indicators (KPIs). However, sometimes out-of-the-box functionality and numerous standard and custom KPIs in NetSuite are not enough. Frequently, there is a need to source external company information and feed it directly into NetSuite’s Dashboard, or…

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  8. NetSuite

    Pre Go-Live Checklist for NetSuite Implementations

    More often than not, NetSuite implementations face unnecessary challenges when there is no clear plan as to how the ERP solution and the environment will be delivered to the end users. Most of the time, the fault lies with the implementation consultants as it is their duty to understand their client’s business, all relevant processes,…

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  9. NetSuite

    Seamless NetSuite to MailChimp Integration with Cazoomi

    Although NetSuite is known for its great Marketing and CRM tools, many businesses are used to creating their email blasts and campaigns with MailChimp. MailChimp is an email marketing tool used to create, send and track email campaigns. It is extremely easy to use and it provides a wealth of great email templates that will…

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  10. NetSuite

    The Best Way to Integrate External Web Forms with NetSuite!

    During NetSuite implementations, clients frequently ask me if there is a way to integrate an external Web form (a form stored on the company’s external website). The easiest way to this is to create an ‘Online Customer Form’ in NetSuite and then embed it on an external website via iFrame. While this approach is simple,…

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