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Why Power BI is quickly becoming the leading platforms for data analysis
It’s always fun helping clients gain better insight into their business? During most account meetings, the conversation eventually includes this: “Our reporting is bad, I wish I could somehow have access to the right data to make better business decisions.” Although many tools can produce this desired outcome, Microsoft’s Power BI platform is quickly becoming the solution of choice. Here is a quick summary of why decision makers and executives are relying on data from Power BI. Top reasons: Cost: According to Gartner Group, Power BI is one of the lowest priced solutions on the market today and roughly 80% lower than other cloud products. You can start with the Power BI FREE Desktop, BI Pro $9.99 per user per month, or Power BI Premium (capacity pricing option based on per node per month). Many companies already own Power BI licenses as part of their Office 365 suite. Connectors: Here […]
CPM & BI Tools: Which is Better for Your Business? Part 2
What do CPM and BI have in common? Regardless of your organization's industry or role within your team, we can all agree on one thing: Everyone should have access to meaningful data to optimize their job functions in order to make educated business decisions. If you do not have a meaningful report or accurate key performance indicators, how will you help your department stay on course? Regardless of your role (technical, finance, division manager, etc) CPM and BI tools allow everyone to improve their productivity. What connects both BI and CPM: Data Management? The amount of data traveling across the world is growing at an exponential rate and it's becoming increasingly more important to capture that data in order to make sound business decisions. Organizations are using diverse platforms spanning cloud, on-premise, and privately hosted platforms. The large amounts of data sources may range from ERP, CRM, e-Commerce sites and […]
CPM & BI Tools: Which is Better for Your Business? Part 1
If you are looking at new ways to analyze your business, it most likely means your current reporting tools are not getting the job done. With so many options to choose from, let us narrow it down to BI and CPM to determine which is right for your organization. What is the difference between CPM and BI? Both pull data from various data sources to analyze information so you can prioritize market opportunities, company strengths, and weaknesses. BI platforms gather and analyze data relevant to the organizations business in order to improve business decision making. CPM tracks and manages your company’s KPI’s such as operational costs, revenues, budgets, overhead, and additional financial metrics. Both definitions overlap but there are differences. CPM tools typically focus on budgeting & planning, forecasting with visual and graphical dashboards to track the KPI’s relative to company objectives and goals. BI focuses more on visual data […]
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