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New SuiteBuilder Features in NetSuite 2017.1 Release
With the release of 2017.1, we can look forward to a host of new features to add to the existing NetSuite system we all know and love. While NetSuite will be buffing up across the board, this blog will focus on updates to SuiteBuilder, NetSuite’s built-in collection of tools allowing “point and click” customization of the user interface without the use of sophisticated technical skills. 1.Printing Saved Search Results in Advanced PDF Templates Advanced PDF templates can now be linked to Saved Searches. There will be a “New Template” button located under Customization->Forms->Advanced PDF templates that will allow you to choose from a list an of available Saved Searches to link to. Additionally, when creating a saved search, you will see the option to create a new linked template when viewing the search in ‘Edit’ mode, as shown in the third screenshot below. Once you have linked a template to […]
How to Automatically Send Customer Statementsin NetSuite
Tired of manually sending customer statements every time? Here is how you can easily set up a workflow in NetSuite that will allow you to automatically send customer statements. Create a Custom Field that will act as a flag This field will be used to act as a flag.  If this check box is checked, then this customer wants to receive a statement email on a recurring basis.  If this field is not checked, the customer will not receive an emailed statement. Navigate to Customization -> List, Records, Fields -> Entity Fields -> New Change Type to Check Box and apply it to Customer  Check this box on the customer records of the customers that want to have a balance email sent Create a Saved Search for Customers with Open Balances The results of this search will be the list of customers that need to be emailed Navigate to Lists […]
6 Simple Steps for Building Customizations for NetSuite
While NetSuite is an excellent ERP application that can handle most situations your users will throw at it right out of the box, there may be times when your business needs a little bit more than the standard features. Luckily, to add to its already awesome arsenal, NetSuite allows users to create their own custom solutions for their business-specific scenarios. We recently worked with a client who wanted to default the Class value for Vendor Bills based on the account selected. Simply creating a custom field on the account to set the default class was not sufficient enough to provide the desired functionality. They noticed that while entering vendor bills, the class value was not automatically filled in on the line level after they selected the account (this is not a standard NetSuite feature). Rather than entering these Class values manually, we created a customization that automatically populated the Class […]
3 of the Most Exciting Features included in NetSuite 2016.2
We all know that NetSuite is one of the best ERP applications you can use for your business. After all, It’s a one-stop shop that can handle all of your company’s needs. However, as much as I love NetSuite, (and I LOOOVE NetSuite) there are some minor areas that could still be improved by expanding current functionality. For example, one improvement that could be made is the ability to import credit card transactions through a standard CSV import. Luckily, NetSuite listens to its customers’ enhancement requests and, with the release of the 2016.2 update, many issues, like my credit card problem, will be solved. In addition to adding customer suggested enhancements, NetSuite will be adding a vast array of other fixes and features with this update. From functional business processes like fixed assets management to the more technical aspects such as SuiteScript 2.0 file transfers, NetSuite 2016.2 leaves no stone unturned. […]
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