Are You Considering an Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013? Here’s Why the New Licensing Model will Work in Your Favor

Need a reason to upgrade your current GP environment to GP 2013? How about getting a bunch of modules from Microsoft for FREE?

Did you know that Microsoft is now requiring clients to upgrade to its latest Dynamics GP licensing schema, perpetual licensing, prior to upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013? This means that all current Microsoft Dynamics GP clients will have to have their current licensing schema (Professional, Standard, Business Essentials (BE), Advanced Management (AM), etc.) reviewed and then upgraded.

So, why is this a positive thing?

Because everyone that we have run through the licensing upgrade process has come out ahead.

How so?

In the past, figuring out the licensing costs, user privileges and modules included was quite the challenge. Depending on which licensing schema you were on, there could be three different types of users, and/or over 50 module options. If you were in the Standard or Professional Licensing Schema, all of the modules were being sold ‘a la carte’.

If you had Business Essentials and only needed a single additional module from Advanced Management, you had to buy Advanced Management. Additionally, with all the different types of licensing, the pricing wasn’t consistent. Now under the new perpetual licensing arrangement, there is only one (1) type of user with less than 10 modules!

With perpetual licensing, just about all the modules are included in the starter pack (with the exception of BI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Project Management and Professional Services), which typically meets the needs of 90% of our Dynamics GP clients (see all modules in the starter pack here). A perpetual user has access to everything in the starter pack!

The only things sold in addition to the starter pack are the GP 2013 Extended Pack, Customization Pack, SmartList Builder Pack, and Extended Human Resources and Payroll Pack.

Additionally, with the GP 2013 upgrade, you get unlimited Human Resource/Payroll and Management Reporter Users.

So, not only does an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 grant you access to a new and more efficient system, you most likely will also get more functionality for a lower investment.

Feel free to contact me at FMT if you’d like to see how a Dynamics GP licensing upgrade would work out for your company!

Written by:
Judd Halenza, Account Executive, FMT

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 FMT Consultants
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