7 Ways to Save Money on Microsoft Dynamics GP

When Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing goes up, that doesn’t mean your cost has to go up with it.

Did you know that opting to use your Microsoft Dynamics GP in a cloud environment can often help you keep the cost of using GP lower than if you were to operate it in your own offices?

Whether you’re new to Microsoft Dynamics GP, or looking to migrate your existing GP environment to the cloud in the coming year, there are plenty of ways that you can cut the cost of operating your Dynamic GP system.

Start by considering the following options:

1. Eliminate Your Hardware Costs

By migrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP to a cloud environment, you can eliminate the cost of having to purchase hardware. That’s because cloud-based Dynamics GP means everything will be provisioned directly to your web browser. You’ll also save space in your office, as you won’t have to find a place to house the servers you need to run the program.

2. Package in Basic Support

If you choose to host your Dynamics GP in a cloud environment, look for a cloud provider who can help you save costs on basic service desk support. With some providers, that’s included in their monthly hosting fees.

3. Cut Down on Audit Fees

If your business is subject to regular audits and/or compliance restrictions, choosing a regulated cloud environment with a secure cloud provider can help you deliver documentation on security controls for a variety of requirements, including PCI, FDIC, FDA and HIPAA.

4. Stop Paying Annual Maintenance Fees

Cloud-based Dynamics GP has a difference licensing structure, which means no more shelling out cash for annual maintenance fees on Dynamics GP, SQL or your Windows Server.

5. Extra Security—For Free!

Some cloud environments include protection from internet-based cyber-attacks, viruses, and intrusions at no extra cost, so you can rest easier knowing your Microsoft Dynamics GP information is secure and your environment is safe.

6. Add or Subtract Licenses as You Need Them

If you don’t already own your licenses, you can choose a cloud environment that will allow you to add or subtract GP users on a monthly basis, meaning you’re only paying for what you use each month, not for what you might use in the future. 

7. Don’t Pay for Infrastructure Support

If you’re paying for IT-savvy people to install and maintain the physical infrastructure for your Dynamics GP, you don’t have to. Moving your GP to the cloud will eliminate the cost of supporting and paying for people to support your infrastructure needs—you won’t have infrastructure.

Want to see exactly how much you could save by hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud? Contact Myappsanywhere today for a free assessment of your GP environment.

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