4 Key Features of Saleforce Lightning

It has been a few years since Salesforce launched Lightning Experience. Lightning is Salesforce’s latest component-based framework developed for users with less programming experience. It is designed to maximize sales rep. productivity, complete with analytics and in-line intelligence that will drive sales precision. Since the launch, Salesforce has been encouraging its customers to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.


Why should you move to Lightning?

There are two main reasons why you should consider migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning: 1) All users will eventually be transitioned over and 2) Lightning has significantly more power.

To expand on point #1, Salesforce recently released this statement:

“Starting in October 2019 with the Winter ’20 release, Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience for all organizations on a rolling basis. When it’s turned on, standard profile users and custom profile users with the Lightning Experience User permission enabled will see the ‘Switch to Lightning Experience’ link in Salesforce Classic and be automatically switched into Lightning Experience on a regular basis.”

If you wish to learn more about the transition details, click here. Now is a good time to start planning the transition to make sure you are in control of the process.

There are many ways you can customize Lightning Experience to make it your own. These four video clips (1.5 min) walk you through Lightning Experience and highlight some of the key features:

watch lightning demo image

Report Builder

Report building made easy. Build reports and find metrics to make better business decisions.


See your lists based on stages. Visualize key items or pieces in a process and drag and drop to make quick updates.

Console Apps

Edit and reference multiple records at once. Tabs are remembered when you navigate away so that no work is lost.

App Builder

Customize your page layouts to meet your needs. Edit your page to display relevant info.

In addition, click here to learn What You Need to Know about Lightning.

Still debating whether to move or not?

Most of your organization’s customizations work seamlessly in Lightning Experience, but a few things may need a little attention before the transition. Maintaining a consistent experience from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience will ease the transition for your users. FMT is a professional Salesforce consultant, here to help your organization avoid hiccups and to provide recommendations for best practices. If you are concerned with the migration process, click here to request a free consultation on Lightning migration package offering or give us a call at 833 – 827 – 4275.

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