Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Better target your customers when you can predict their needs

Turning strangers into brand promoters doesn’t happen overnight. And without the right customer engagement system in place to support your efforts – it can be nearly impossible.

Just like technology, our customers have evolved and come to expect a personalized and exceptional experience with every interaction – marketing, sales, and customer service. The ability to predict your customers’ needs and respond quickly will help you stay competitive.

With customer engagement system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place, you can better delight your customers through every phase of their relationship with your business, using data to provide them with the products and services they really want.

Create valuable, long-term relationships with your customers

Delight your customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Enhanced marketing automation

Target your prospects with precision to execute effective marketing campaigns and track results to test and improve promotions and offers

Increased sales

Sales force automation will get all your sales people on the same page and streamline the sales processes for quick turnaround, higher close rates and better customer retention


Improved customer service

With one customer database, you can deliver account data to your customer service team for more efficient and consistent client support

Social media marketing

Gain insight into how people feel about your business and proactively connect on social media

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your sales, marketing and customer service teams to use powerful tools that are designed to increase revenue, customer loyalty and customer support – all directly through Outlook.

Licensing and deployment – Get what fits your business

Whether you choose to deploy your new customer engagement platform in the cloud or on premise, FMT Consultants has you covered. FMT Consultants provides CRM solutions to fit each client’s unique business needs. Our consultants have extensive experience implementing both on-demand and on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. As a Microsoft Certified Tier One Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), FMT is one of 5 partners in the Western United States that can help support your CRM Online solution from billing to consulting and support – providing you with the highest level of service.

Full Licensing and Deployment Options

Cutting-Edge, Cross-Platform Functionality with Dynamics CRM

FMT Consultants implemented a custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for Forecast 3D,  that integrates seamlessly with the company’s homegrown enterprise resource planning platform. Now employees have access to the most current customer data for improved account management, lead prioritization and targeted email campaigns. View the full case study. 

Enhance your customer’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from FMT Consultants.

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