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The Manufacturing Industry faces a growing number of challenges both internally and externally. Internally manufactures struggle to integrate disparate product, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and customer systems. This impedes their ability to capture a unified view of company and supply chain performance. Externally manufacturers are seeing an increase in global competition, fluctuation in demand, and changes in government regulations. To respond to these challenges, manufacturers need a compliant solution that enables users to adopt flexible, changeable business processes with high ROI while having easy access to real-time, actionable information for decision making.

FMT Consultants is dedicated to helping manufacturers achieve their highest level of business efficiency. With over 15 years of experience providing integrated business management solutions and information technology services, FMT continues to focus on helping businesses achieve their bottom line. For manufacturing companies, FMT provides comprehensive business technology support so focus can remain on efficient operations that boost profitability. FMT’s manufacturing solutions include: Financial Management, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Custom Development Solutions.

FMT Consultants leverages deep industry experience to increase operational visibility in manufacturing environments. What does that mean for you? More efficient operations, better use of resources, and streamlined accounting and compliance. In short, more profitably and far less inefficiency.

Deep Operational Visibility

  • Adopting a single integrated system gives you real-time visibility into all aspects of your operations.
  • Gather and synthesize internal and external data, then uses comprehensive business intelligence and reporting solutions to drive transparency and further accountability.

Retain Customers and Drive Loyalty

  • Capture, monitor, and analyze information relating to customers and purchase histories, so you can segment the market, refine your offerings, optimize production, and increase customer loyalty.
  • Flexible business processes further increase your agility and responsiveness, making your company a service leader.

Efficient Operations

  • With flexible business processes, you can easily support outsourcing, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or any other production model.
  • With the right mix of process improvements, you can increase output while reducing material costs, inventory carrying needs, and working capital requirements. Lower per-unit production costs, which translate to more pricing flexibility in the market.

Increased transparency

  • Automated quote generation and processing
  • Automated and flexible pricing
  • Product availability checking
  • Demand planning based on historical data and statistical forecasting methods
  • Material flow analysis
  • Exception processing

Rampant Growth

  • An adaptable system will help you expand by making it easy to add products or enter geographies and markets with the flip of a switch.
  • Adjust with your business model over time, and support growth regardless of IT constraints.

Accounting and Compliance

  • An integrated operational and accounting system makes it easier to account and report on financial and operational results.
  • Quickly, easily, and accurately generate financial reports – both managerial and statutory – that you need to inform decisions and ensure compliance.

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Full90 Sports, Inc.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
TDG Aerospace, Inc.
Acker Stone Industries, Inc


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