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Health and life sciences organizations face a unique set of IT challenges. They are under increasing pressure to meet complex regulatory requirements while simultaneously needing to provide security enhanced access to information and tools to increase productivity and collaboration.

Why FMT Consultants?

FMT Consultants has comprehensive experience in the Life Science industry. Our clients span from discovery phase organizations to globally mature companies. With a strong dedication to the Life Science’s community, FMT understands what is required for companies to move from one phase to the next and uses technology to ease this transition while gaining and maintaining compliance in and around the implemented systems.

FMT Consultants recognizes the complexities and demands required for successfully managing a Life Sciences company, and offers technology services that help streamline operations, improve reporting capabilities, gain real-time access to information, optimize finances and improve data and inventory tracking.

Additional benefits include the ability to deploy effective financial management solutions, integrate human resource management and payroll systems, deliver cost-effective projects on time, as well as increase service productivity and consistent satisfaction.

How we can help:

Monitoring and Controlling Expenses

  • Tools to provide company’s access to critical information like cash position and projections
  • Integration to key suppliers to help manage costs and on-hand inventory
  • Workflow and security throughout entire procurement process
  • Inventory Control
    • Lot/Serial Number Tracking
    • Quality Assurance
    • Expiration/Retest
    • Traceability Requirements

Managing Clinical Trial Data

  • Cost Accounting
  • Data Collection and Repository Interfaces


Genoptix Isis Pharmaceuticals Regulus
Tandem Diabetes Care Takeda Ipsen


FMT Consultants, LLC understands the regulatory and compliance issues that many Life Science companies are facing and have developed a library of Intellectual Property that enables us to provide a cost effective validation solutions for your business. As a firm that utilizes the entire Microsoft stack, FMT clientele will always have the most up to date technology software and with our Customer Care Training Series which offers cost effective training for new hires, full user competence is assured.


Download the case study below and learn how Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. improved its business operations with an FDA compliant Microsoft Dynamics GP solution from FMT Consultants, LLC.

Case Study: Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

FDA Validation with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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