How to Design a Scalable Chart of Accounts

Need to design a new chart of accounts and don’t know where to start?

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  1. sap-new-features
    SAP Business ByDesign

    What’s New in SAP Business ByDesign 1702 Release

    Would you like to learn more about new features and improvements? SAP Business ByDesign has just released another upgrade – 1702. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the new functions, offering step-by-step instructions on how to locate and activate them. What’s New in Cross-Area HTML5 User Interface for Productive TenantsYou can access SAP…

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  2. microsoft-project-sharepoint-error
    Office 365, SharePoint

    How to Resolve Errors When Trying to Synchronize a Microsoft Project File to a SharePoint Task List

      Have you tried to synchronize a Microsoft Project file or other list to a SharePoint Task List but got an error? This is a little known feature of Microsoft Project and SharePoint. It allows you to synchronize a full Microsoft Project Plan directly into an existing SharePoint task list in order to view and…

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  3. crop_blog
    Cloud, Uncategorized

    How Collaboration and Visibility Lead to Higher-End and Higher-Margin Work

    While many businesses are quick to laud the benefits of cloud computing, file-sharing, and data analytics, the fact remains that so many businesses and organizations are unable to take full advantage. Though ERP and cloud solutions are transformative tools to reshape the way you do business, too many companies are still limited–fighting through data silos,…

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  4. sharepoint-on-the-go

    Supercharge Your Sales Team with SharePoint Online

    Companies live and die by their sales team’s ability to execute. Sales team members have unique challenges especially because of the high volume of travel – whether it is to meet with potential and current clients, attend industry events or networking. This work away from the office brings unique challenges to an IT department that…

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  5. microsoft-teams
    Office 365

    Introducing Microsoft Teams

    In November 2016, Microsoft announced Teams, their chat-based workgroup solution, and made Teams available in the Preview programs.  Teams includes some integration with Skype for Business and is intended to compete with Slack. For Preview customers, Teams is included in Office 365 and can be enabled in the Office 365 Admin Center.  Microsoft Mechanics produced…

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  6. sap-bydesign-html5
    SAP Business ByDesign

    Upcoming HTML5 Interface Changes in SAP Business ByDesign

    The new HTML5 interface for SAP Business ByDesign is a faster, cleaner upgrade to the current Silverlight interface. Most of it should be very familiar, but there are some changes that may take a little getting used to. In this blog, we will look at some of the differences between the old and new interfaces….

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  7. save-time-and-trees
    Best Practices, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint

    Put That Pen Down! 3 Ways to Save a Tree and Save Some Time

    It all begins with an email, phone call or physical meeting.  You scramble, trying to make sure you write down every single detail, but let’s face it!  We can’t possibly write as fast as people talk. I used to think of myself as more of an “old-school” type when it came to notetaking, document management,…

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  8. skype-phone-system
    Office 365

    Skype as Your Phone System

    Slowly but surely, the maturation of Skype for Business Online Cloud PBX is occurring. Later in 2017 when Auto Attendant and Cal Queues graduate from Preview, Cloud PBX will be competing to be your phone system. Cloud PBX is included in the Office 365 E5 plan and can be added to the Office 365 E1…

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  9. microsoft-test-manager
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Basics

    Testing is an important part of every application. Even if a company does not have a dedicated testing team, it is imperative to ensure that any custom development or custom solution is working properly before deployment. Black box testing is a process that involves testing an application from a high level, without any access or…

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  10. gp-ye-web
    Microsoft Dynamics GP

    [Video] Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close

    Year-end close can seem like a stressful process—but it doesn’t have to be! Watch this video as we walk through a Dynamics GP Year-End Close to ensure you are confident in all aspects of the process. During this video we will review best practices related to month-end and year-end processes in Microsoft Dynamics GP.      If you…

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  11. netsuite-automatic-statements

    How to Automatically Send Customer Statements in NetSuite

    Tired of manually sending customer statements every time? Here is how you can easily set up a workflow in NetSuite that will allow you to automatically send customer statements. Create a Custom Field that will act as a flag This field will be used to act as a flag.  If this check box is checked,…

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  12. netsuite-tips-and-tricks

    NetSuite Global Search Tips

    Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Did you know that there are a bunch of hidden shortcuts in NetSuite that can save you a few extra clicks? Our NetSuite experts have come up with a few tips and tricks for all the NetSuite users out there. Use record type prefixes followed by colon (:) or carat (^)…

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