FMT Consultants, LLC has partnered with Microsoft and Dell to discuss the latest technologies and trends in virtualized IT environments. During the two hour complimentary breakfast session, we will talk about the benefits of virtualization and discuss how to design agile and flexible IT infrastructures that meet the needs of tomorrow.

When: Wednesday, February 20th, 9:00 – 11:00 am PST

Where: The Microsoft Office, 9255 Towne Centre Dr., Ste 400, San Digeo, CA 92121 (map it)

The event is free and includes breakfast. Space is limited. Sign up now to save your seat.

Turn Your Server Room into a Power Closet!

Industry experts from Microsoft, Dell and FMT Consultants will discuss the latest software and hardware technologies and through real-life case studies we will demonstrate how a virtualized environment can reduce hardware costs, network failures and overall IT spending, while boosting system performance, organizational scalability and ROI.

We will talk about virtualization from an end user perspective, explain the management implications of migrating to a virtualized infrastructure and most importantly, discuss what virtualization can do for your business.

Complimentary 4-hour IT-assessment

Following the session, FMT Consultants offers a free 4-hour IT assessment including a detailed report on the status of your current network infrastructure including key performance metrics, potential bottlenecks or hotspots.

Register now to reserve your seat.

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, Marketing Coordinator
FMT Consultants, LLC